Start with mobile marketing

A solid starting point from which to include mobile as part of your overall marketing strategy.

You could use this package to:

  • Build a sample opt-in mobile marketing database
  • Carry out some SMS based marketing
  • Direct customers to relevant landing pages on a mobile website
  • Create mobile websites for specific campaign

Package details

    Short codes

    Use a shared short code to quickly generate inbound responses to a campaign. You will need to publish or print details of the short code and details of the service that responders will be signing up to.

    SMS / MMS message pack

    We'll provide up to 1,000 text messages that can be used to deliver responses to inbound enquires to the short code. More can be purchased separately as required.

    We'll also provide a bundle of MMS to suit your needs and you can use these to create and deliver coupons, vouchers or product catalogues.

    Mobile internet sites

    Use our Mobile Internet Toolkit to publish mobile websites that will support your campaign. You can publish and manage as many sites as you wish and there are no limits on the number of pages that can be created in each of the sites.

    Platform subscription

    Access our platform for up to 3 months whilst you are exploring a range of mobile services

    Support and advice

    We'll provide phone and email advice as required.

    Strategy workshop

    We'll host and run a workshop that will help you to identify opportunities and turn these into campaigns that generate results.

What to do next

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