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  • Decide what kind of campaign you want to run and choose a template
  • Select one or more of the mobile channels available
  • Use our toolkits to create and add mobile-friendly content
  • Manage and track response from target groups
  • Change or modify services without having to redesign them
  • Manage budgets and track progress
  • Fully automated deployment
  • Integrated approval process
  • Campaign specific pre-launch checklists

Enabling technology

Mobile Flow's technology platform supports the entire process of creating, managing and deploying mobile services across all channels.

When creating any service however simple or complex, you only need select an appropriate template and populate the application part of this template with the digital assets - text, images, video, audio, links - required to implement the service. Assets such as images and audio will be reformatted as required and you will be notified where assets are inappropriate. Our platform "understands" all of the relevant technical issues, good practice and industry guidelines so you can be sure that your mobile services will provide a good user experience.

Deploying services can involve several steps including compiling MMS from composite parts, checking validity of embedded links in SMS messages, ensuring mobile website links are correct. Mobile Flow enables all of these steps to be checked and where possible corrected at the touch of a button. Automatic deployment of mobile services ensures trouble free operation.

Close management of deployed services allows you track response from your mobile campaigns, react quickly to emerging trends, manage budgets and understand performance. Mobile Flow provides the reports and data to assist with the understanding and also provides the tools required to help modify and maintain mobile campaigns as required.

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