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Creating Mobile Services

Creating effective mobile services can be quite challenging especially when you move away from simple SMS campaigns. That is why we have designed a single integrated technology platform that makes it easy for you to create, deploy and manage mobile services that range from basic SMS campaigns to commerce enabled mobile websites.

Mobile Service Templates

Simplicity is driven by mobile service templates that encapsulate the technical standards, good practice, audit and quality control elements required to ensure that your mobile service is developed quickly and to the highest standard. What's more, we will not compromise your creativity.

Each Template provides

  • A framework for combining and processing the digital assets that will be used in your service
  • A service specific checklist that provides your quality assurance team with the tools to check each service before launch
  • In-built controls that ensure content generated or incorporated is mobile friendly

So whatever service you wish to create, you will not have to deal with underlying technology issues even creating comprehensive cross channel mobile services.

Creating Mobile Friendly Content

Creating content such as MMS, correctly encoded mobile video streams and mobile web pages that will run on the widest possible range of mobile devices is challenging and, without the correct tools can be time consuming and expensive. The tools required to simplify this process have been developed as a core part of our technology platform. They include:

  • MMS Toolkit that generates mobile coupons, mobile tickets, catalogs and multimedia news letters suitable for mobile from existing assets
  • Mobile CMS that enables you to create and publish single landing pages, complete mobile websites or content for off-deck portals
  • SMS Toolkit that enables the rapid creation and delivery of outbound SMS and also allows you to create and manage short codes services

All of these tools are easy to use and do not require any configuration or coding


To ensure that you have the best possible testing resource, we have integrated our platform with the best in class mobile service and mobile application test facilities such as mobiReady and DeviceAnywhere.

With mobile there are many ways in which you can connect with your customers
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