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Deploying Mobile Solutions

Deploying mobile services such as outbound SMS is quite easy although there are issues to be dealt with such as ensuring that your opt-in databases are up to date and that dispatch frequency meets customer expectations. For services that span more than one mobile channel it becomes a more complex process to manage and track all the components. We have built into the platform a set of features that automate the deployment your service. So whether your service is focused on mobile marketing or advertising, mobile entertainment or delivering new and information to customers on the move, launching it is straight forward.

Automatic Deployment

For each service that you deploy, a task list encapsulated within the mobile service template is executed at the touch of a button. The will perform tasks such as

  • Queue SMS and MMS messages for delivery
  • Generate and publish up to date versions of landing pages, websites or entries for off-deck portals
  • Notify campaign managers or clients, if you are an agency, that the campaign has started
  • Update the budget / spend data

Deploy Globally

Mobile Flow's platform is connected to the global mobile infrastructure so that for message based services and mobile application delivery all of your customers can be reached regardless of the network that they are on. Our platform also recognises the ever expanding combination of mobile devices and operating systems and ensures that content for mobile internet, mobile video and multimedia services is rendered in a way the ensures a great customer experience.

Schedule Support Tasks

Once your services are operational you will want to manage them closely. We have incorporated a set of management tools to do this but at the deployment stage since we already know some of the tasks you would like to carry out we have ensured that our platform schedules these in advance.

With mobile there are many ways in which you can connect with your customers
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