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Platform - Creating Mobile Solutions

Whether you are creating simple messaging services or want to combine different mobile channels to generate more compelling and interactive services each mobile channel has its own technical challenges.

We understand the importance of enabling you to focus on the requirements of your target audience. Mobile Flow allows you the freedom to concentrate your efforts on developing creative solutions without having to deal with the challenges associated with delivering across different mobile networks and across a variety of different handsets.

The Toolkits summarised below are available on a fully-managed or self-service basis depending on your unique campaign specifications and technological requirements.

Solution Templates

Our pre-built Service Templates are designed to ensure rapid creation, testing and deployment of mobile services without having to manage a host of technologies. Service Templates are available for Promotions, Content, Ticketing, Mobile Coupons and Subscriptions. These can be delivered over SMS, MMS, Mobile Video, Mobile Websites or off-deck portals.

SMS Toolkit

Using the SMS Toolkit you can develop a range of services that include outbound messaging, shortcode and other message based interactive services such as voting and competitions.

Mobile Internet Toolkit

Using our Mobile Internet Toolkit makes the process of creating and publishing mobile websites quick and easy. No coding is required yet a wide variety of website types and page layouts are made possible. You can also publish Mobile Internet content as stand-alone pages, websites or off-deck Portals.

MMS Toolkit

Our Multimedia Toolkit simplifies the process of combining digital assets including Text, Images, Audio and Video to create rich multi-page MMS that can be used as Coupons, Tickets and a range of other Content Services. No coding is required. Simply uploade your digital assets onto a Template and specify features such as timing and effects. Mobile Flow creates messages that are compliant with SMIL (the universal protocol for multimedia messages).

Interactive Messaging Toolkit

Our Interactive Message Toolkit provides all the tools that you need to create and manage effective handlers to all your incoming messages whether these arrive via responses to shortcodes or in responses to 2-way SMS.