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Platform - Managing Mobile Solutions

There are many aspects to the management of any mobile service. Whilst it is not just about the technology, we ensure that the technology that we provide will make it easier to manage the services that you create.


Mobile is personal. In order to ensure that you only ever deliver appropriate, timely content to your customers, you need to be able to segment and manage your opt-database very precisely. The segmentation features of our platform provide the tools to do that.

Audit and Control

You will want to be able run quality and financial audits on the services that you deliver, control user access and control quality of output. Our audit and control tools provide service specific checklists to ensure that all service elements are checked and signed off by appropriate authorities prior to launch.


A comprehensive set of reports ensures that you can quickly understand how your services are being used, what your overall costs are and the status of every service that you create.

Asset Management

As you will be creating and using many digital assets as you create your services, we have included a set of tools that make it easy to manage, reuse and track the assets that you have.


For agencies or internal departments, we have provided a set of tools that let you identify the exact costs associated with each operational service.

Frequency Management

The frequency management tool ensures that you can set and monitor the frequency at which you push content out to your customers.

User Management

The platform takes a role-based user approach ensuring that where you have a multi-disciplinary team working on your services you can easily manage who has access to your platform as well as the level of access and the rights that they have.

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