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Mobile Marketing Facts

Mobile marketing and advertising covers many different technologies. These include SMS, MMS, mobile internet, mobile video and near-field technologies such as Bluetooth that enable proximity marketing. The challenge for any marketer is how to select and integrate the mobile technologies that are most likely to deliver the marketing objectives quickly and offer excellent marketing ROI.

Mobile Marketing Trends

  • 95% of mobile marketing messages are opened compared to 25% of emails (IAB)
  • 30% of mobile users have used a shortcode to respond to adverts in other media (IAB)
  • UK companies' mobile marketing budgets rising from 18% in 2008 to over 30% by 2010

Best use for Mobile in the Digital Marketing mix

  • Increasing interaction with customers
  • Highly targeted sales promotions and advertising
  • Improving customer service through better CRM

How do consumers like to use mobile when interacting with Brands ?

  • Access company info (70%)
  • Check product availability (70%)
  • Locate nearest store (64%)

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