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Mobile Flow with Memor make a big Splash!

FRIDAY 30th July 2010

Splash FM is Worthing and West Sussex primary 'feel good' radio station, bringing news, views and the best music to thousands of listeners. Every year, Splash FM host a 2 day live music, party extravaganza called the Splash FM 'Garden Party' with hours of entertainment and music to please everyone's ears. Each year thousands of people eagerly wait in line to gain entrance to this great party!

Managing an efficient and effective entry system, to any outdoor event, can be challenging; with multiple entrances, various ticket types and the potential for fraudulent duplication of tickets. That's not to mention the frustration of the customers, having to wait in long queues, on a hot sunny day…

Previously, the ticketing for Splash's party was based around a traditional printed ticket. These tickets were then posted out to customers and this process incurred high print, labour and postage/administration costs. It also greatly restricted Splash from selling tickets up until the last minute and certainly did not provide any real time monitoring, validation or ticket tracking.

So, this year, Splash decided to consult the specialists 'Mobile Flow' who provided an ingenious solution running on the pocket sized, Datalogic Memor hand held terminal. Mobile Flow's digital ticketing system allowed Splash's customers to buy barcoded 'e-tickets' via the website, print them out and bring them along to be scanned by the Datalogic Memor at any of the entrance points. Alternatively, customers could have 'mTickets' delivered to their mobile phones and these tickets could be scanned from the phone's screen. Every single entrant/transaction and ticket validation, was carried out and cross referenced in real time - via the Memor's GPRS capability.

Not only did this approach eliminate the burgeoning costs associated with printing and mailing tickets. It also allowed for instant verification of tickets, vastly reducing queuing times and providing Splash with tighter security against potential fraud. In addition the Mobile Flow solution could also be used for streaming mobile marketing messages and information to guests, whilst providing Splash with instant access to information of potential use regards health and safety/risk limitation and vital market research for future events.

Ade Bamigboye, CEO of Mobile Flow explained - "Since the initial successes we enjoyed at Splash FM's Garden Party, Mobile Flow is delighted to have been chosen by a number of other event organisers, all seeking to streamline their ticketing and mobile event marketing into one complete, cost-effective, solution".

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