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MMS applications
Key fatures
  • Mobile CMS for site design and management
  • Generate mobile sites without coding
  • mCommerce enabled page templates
  • Integrated mobile website testing

Our Mobile Internet Toolkit enables you to rapidly create and publish mobile websites, single landing pages or content for off-deck portals without writing any code. Mobile Commerce, Search and Directory listing functionality can easily be added by using one of the many page templates available.

Using mobile internet
  • Communities and off-deck portals
  • Product or service listings
  • Store locations
  • News and information on the move
  • Mobile commerce

Mobile Internet

The Mobile Data Association (MDA) reports that 76% of mobile users have internet-enabled phones (UK) and that over 50% use their phones to access the internet on a weekly basis.

Without a mobile website presence you could be missing out on valuable contact from customers and prospects. Use Mobile Flow's technology platform to publish pages on your website quickly and link these to other mobile channels for greater marketing ROI.

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