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Mobile Channels

Many different technologies can applied to the creation of mobile solutions. These include SMS, MMS, Mobile Internet, Mobile Video and near-field technologies such as Bluetooth that enable proximity marketing.

The challenge for any marketer is how to select and integrate the mobile technologies that are most likely to deliver the marketing objectives quickly and offer excellent marketing ROI.

Messaging - Both SMS and MMS provide opportunities for easy and direct communication with opted-in customers. Messages can contain links to mobile websites or downloaded content.

Multimedia - MMS provides en excellent method dfor delivering richer content or messages that would be difficult to convey in 160 characters. Use MMS for Coupons, Ticketing, Product Guides and mini catalogs.

Mobile Internet / Mobile Web Apps - The adoption of HTML5 has blurred the boundaried between native apps and mobile websites. For many types of apps, HTML5 will enable a great user experience and will enable you to target a wider range of devices.

Apps & Widgets - Native apps remain popular and are a great way to provide entertainment and information or to create a channel through which marketing and business information can be pushed to opted-in consumers.

Mobile Video - Most smartphones can display high quality video whether streamed across a network or downloaded to the handset. Existing video assets can easily be converted to a mobile friendly format and provides a great way to present products of services to consumers on the go.

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