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Mobile Coupons

Deliver timely, relevant offers direct to your customers on mobile

Your customers will be willing to receive messages delivered to their mobile phones as long as they are timely and relevant. Increase the likelihood that they will be happy to receive your messages by making them personal and entertaining.

Using scannable mobile coupons could raise your ROI and will most certainly increase your viral marketing.

Mobile Coupons


Using our platform, you will be able to create and deliver mobile coupons that use 2D or linear barcodes. If you have your customers name, we can deliver personalised mobile coupons. All coupons delivered by our platform can be scanned with an optical barcode reader and you can use our Mobile Commerce Toolkit to create a solution that integrates with your retail and merchandising systems.

  • Dynamically generated barcodes for all supported barcode types
  • Supported barcode include QR, Datamatrix and Linear codes
  • Full data set for each coupon includes coupon value, coupon type and expiry date.
  • Mobile Commerce Toolkit can be used to capture data from each scanned coupon
  • Tracking and redemption reports will help you to understand effectiveness
  • Easy to use platform makes it easy to distribute just a few coupons or thousands
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