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Use Mobile Coupons to increase footfall and increase sales

Mobile Coupons are an effective way to deliver the kind of money-saving offers that will encourage your customers to visit you and tell their family and friends about you. Whether you wish to use mobile coupons as a promotional tool or more strategically by issuing scannable mobile coupons, Mobile Flow makes this easy. You can create coupons that include either 2D or linear barcodes and you can also add data such as validity and coupon type. All of this data can be collected simply by scanning the phone. Mobile Flow's technology will transfer this data to your back office systems for analysis

Marketing Objectives

  • Capitalise on the levels of viral marketing that only mobile can deliver
  • Create and distribute coupons quickly and efficiently without any technical expertise
  • Enable fast efficient capture of redemption rates and customer response


Use the 2D or Linear barcodes generated by the platform or plug-in your own

Create and send scannable mobile coupons to your customers

Automate in-store redemption

Receive real-time data tracking of consumer response

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