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Location Based Voucher Scheme and Loyalty Program

Mobile Flow has provided a white-label platform for creating, delivering and managing mobile vouchers for independent retailers. Retailers' marketing agencies or the retailers themsleves can access the platform to create and distribute vouchers to consumers.

Mobile Flow has also developed apps to run on iPhone, Android and Blackerry that allows consumers to search for and receive relevant offers based on their unique customer profiles.

Blue Sky


Small and Medium sized retailers find it difficult to exploit mobile and social network channels. Typically, the costs are prohibitive and time requirements required to manage and benefit from these channels are high.

An easy to use, self-service platform powered by Mobile Flow's platform makes it easier for local retailers to create and distribute mobile coupons as part of their sales initiatives.

  • Retailers use self-service platform to create and distribute coupons

  • Consumers use generic Blue Sky apps developed by Mobile Flow to create profiles allowing them to receive notification of coupons relevant to their location and choices

  • Retailers are able to track coupon downloads and can opt to use scanners provided by Mobile Flow to read the coupon directly from the phone into their retail systems

  • Consumers can choose to opt-in to the loyalty scheme program where they can build points to redeem against future purchases

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